Young Octorial 


Young Octorial programme, 13-17 years

Our programme channels the energy and creativity of young people into the real life achievements of academic results and personal growth. 

Students graduate from our summer programme inspired for further study with new language skills, international friendships, wider horizons, and lasting memories. 

The course develops students’ confidence in English and develops real-world skills necessary for life in an increasingly globalised world.

The course has a maximum of 8 students in each class. This allows the teachers to give each student more attention and allows the students to engage more fully with the language and make faster progress. Our lessons are fast-paced and encourage the students to engage with authentic English language materials.

Our demanding academic programme features a strong focus on pronunciation, intonation, voice projection and the ability to perform under pressure.

Our academic programme is complemented by an exciting programme of cultural, sporting, and artistic activities where students put the English they have learnt in the classroom into practice.

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